Monday, February 18, 2008

Life: Where Valentine's Day was not great

But good. Borderline Only OK.

That boy I am still seeing kind of blew it. He bought me dinner and was very sweet to me but got me nothing specifically for Valentine's Day. Nothing. He told me "Happy Valentines Day" and apologized for not getting me anything but other than that? Zilch. I suppose one could look at my test of 'Not Saying Anything To Him About It On Purpose To See What He Does' sort of backfired. Perhaps I should've been more verbal about it. I wasn't expecting anything as much as I was hoping for something. Not a big grotesque red and pink display of affection, but something simpler. A card. A single rose. You get my drift? I am a less is more kind of girl. So now, if this lasts any good amount of time and I am fortunate enough to be able to look back at things involving this boy, this is what I have for our first Valentines Day.


Because I am a cool chick, I was sort of over it by Friday afternoon. I mean, not the greatest Valentine ever but he's great otherwise. Pick your battles and all that. Also, he's very sweet to me. He calls every night and even called to check on me recently when I texted him about someone I wanted to harm physically. He wanted to know who pissed me off. He didn't even question it. He just wanted to know who had done it. As if he were going to help me injure them. How do you not love that? And! He opens doors for me and stuff. How cool and old school is that?

So yeah, he was A Dumb Boy when it came to gift-giving but I can school him better later on. In the meantime, I'll keep him for all the other good things he does.