Friday, March 28, 2008

LIFE: Where I get sappy about being a new Aunt

So my big sister has wanted a baby for like, 18 years now.

Well, she finally got one. I want to thank "S" for making the ultimate sacrifice. She gave her baby to my sister and her husband. She did the best thing she could do for her baby and that was to give him to a couple that has loved him since the day she said they were The Ones, about 9 months ago. She said that she wanted to complete someone's family and she did. She absolutely did.

Sweet Boy was born this past Monday and he has completely transformed my sister and brother-in-law's lives. I have wanted this for them for so long and it makes me happier than just about anything to see them like this: Looking at Sweet Boy. Feeding Sweet Boy. Loving Sweet Boy.

Welcome to the world and to the family Sweet Boy.

Love, Aunt Lissa

Friday, March 21, 2008

LIFE: Where I shout out to "Aimee"...


I'm so excited. I'm sort of new to this blogging thing and Aimee is the first "stranger" to leave me a comment. (The few others came from a friend) I was totally stoked to see her leave me, not one, but TWO comments. She found me via - home of way funny author Jen Lancaster (who is coming to Dallas for a booksigning in May and that rocks!)

So thanks Aimee, for making my day!

LIFE: Where he saw me with no makeup & referenced himself as a boyfriend

Yep. I took that step. J was here this week and he got the pleasure (or not?) of seeing me with no makeup after I got out of the shower. I told him I couldn't believe I was doing this and he made me stand still and look him dead in the eyes. WITH NO MAKEUP! Again, I? Am not all that cute that way. Circles under the eyes, non-existant eyebrows, pores the size of Texas, I have all that and he hauled off and said there was nothing wrong with the way I looked.


Also, I suppose this is a real relationship now as he referenced himself as my boyfriend. While perusing the new releases in Blockbuster, I saw "We Own The Night" starring my celeb boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix. I said "Oh, look, We Own The Night! That has my boyfriend Joaquin in it” and J said “I’m not in that movie”. What?

This is the first it’s ever been mentioned. I mean, I figured since he wants to meet people, that we were BF/GF, but without actual confirmation, you just never know. So can I safely assume from that comment that we have reached Official Couple status now? Might I really have a (insert gulping sound here) BOYFRIEND?

Holy crap.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

LIFE: Where he wants to meet my dad

Evidently J has given thought to meeting my dad. Holy crap. He said that he thought about how he would act and what he would say when meeting him because they do the same thing for a living and my dad would know he's full of shit.

Then last night, he asked me when I was going to see my dad and I half jokingly said "Why? You want to come with me?" and he said "yeah, I was thinking I need to bite the bullet and meet him pretty soon". Have I mentioned holy crap? Um yeah, this girl has NEVER brought a boy home to meet my dad. NEVER. I don't know if he'll go all "what are your intentions with my daughter" on him or what. It sort of makes me freak out a little if I think about it too much.

Perhaps we can start with the locals, mom and sisters instead and save Meet The Dad Weekend for later on.