Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LIFE: Where I want take trips!

I want to start planning a trip.  An all girls trip with friends and my sisters.  But I'm torn.  I would love to go back to NYC and this time, with my friend Cindy in tow.  I really think she would like it.  See, she is a musical girl and can sometimes be all about a show and singing and stuff, so I think taking her to Broadway and seeing Chicago or something would rock her face off.  Mine too since we didn't get to see a show in October.  And it's New York.  Central Park.  Times Square.  Awesome bridges and all that.  I really think she would like it.  And it can totally be done way cheaper than people imagine I think.  I gotta work on her :)  But look, don't these cool pics make you want to go?

Then, I kind of like the idea of Vegas.  Everyone I know has been saying we need to go.  It's supposed to be all kinds of fun.  We could gamble, walk around, drink fancy drinks, see a show and just be crazy girls.  This looks like fun, yes?

But then there's the beach...ahh, the beach.  My oldest sister doesn't love the beach so it would take some convincing to get her there I think.  The beach we want to go to is a 12 hour drive for us at best but I think it's totally worth it.  I just have to convince her that she will have a good time despite the sand and the wind.  I mean, who wouldn't love to spend 3 days here:

And for anyone wondering, my oldest sister has to go.  Her birthday is the weekend we are wanting to go somewhere and by the time this trip gets here, she will be well in need of a getaway.

But meanwhile, I am planning my weekend getaways for the summer.  I plan on going back to the Guadalupe River for Memorial Day and July 4th with my friends to go tubing .  Or "toobing" as the locals say.  Three days of camping, cooking out, tubing.  On this river:

Come on summer!!