Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LIFE: Where I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I had a pretty good 2008 save for a few things and I can only hope and wish for an even better '09.

I hope 2009 brings in good stuff to everyone. Happy New Year to all!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

LIFE: Where I am running out of time

I am not done cleaning. My dad and step-mom will be here tomorrow and they've never been to my apartment, so I need it to be clean.

I am still not done shopping and because I spent too much money on Saturday, I have to do something else and "else" requires me to go to the mall. Macy's to be exact. Srsly. TWO days before Christmas and ONE day before my family celebration for which I need something from Macy's. Shall I get drunk before I go?

Then, I need to finish wrapping gifts.

And go to the grocery store to get deviled eggs stuff. Then I have to make the eggs.

I am not going to finish it all. I am going to pull my hair out.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LIFE: Where I'm older, fatter & gifts are not wrapped

Yep. I had a birthday. I am officially 3 & 1/2 decades old. THIRTY FIVE PEOPLE. I am trying hard not to do my usual thing where I'm all "poor pitiful me, I'm 35 and have nothing to show for it. No boyfriend/husband, no kids, yada yada blah". I do have something to show for it. I have my still relatively good health, a job, great family and great friends. Oh yeah, and about 15 more pounds than I had 6-8 months ago. I have *got* to get back to they gym.

I also have to get to wrapping Christmas presents. They are sprawled out under my trees in various store bags just waiting for me to get crafty. Oy vey. OK, I;m off to start. Perhaps listen to a little Christmas music too.

Another bit of good news, my friend "K" & her daughter, whom I blogged about below, are doing better. Things are still not great but she's better and for that I am thankful.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

LIFE: Where I had so much fun last night being silly

I did my usual with my friends. They league bowl. I am their cheerleader. I go up there with them, hang out, talk, and drink beer because what's better than a divey old school BYOB bowling alley on a Friday night with friends?

But what was different and fun was the fact that we went to our local watering hole after for a little bit. It wasn't as crowded and it was funner than Saturday nights and after that? We came home and played Rock Band and Singing Star ALL NIGHT LONG! Srsly. We started at about 2:30 in the morning (the bar closed at 2) and we all went our separate ways at 7:00 this morning. And yes, I realize I am about to be 35, far too old to be behaving like that and no, I don't know what we were thinking but it was great and silly fun, sometimes the best kind. Yes, I had a bit of hangover and just now at 7-something P.M. took a shower but I have great pictures, a great video of the Rock Banders and fun memories to show for it.

My weekend will be completed tomorrow by going to Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, for a birthday party. We will be on the field and will get to play football. It will be super fun. Also? D, the boy I kind of sort of like, IS GOING WITH ME. Squeeeeee!!

But I'm not excited. At all. :)

P.S. - say a prayer for my friend "K" and her child. They need something badly and since I can't give them what they need, I will do this. I will ask for prayers and pray along with you.