Friday, February 12, 2010

LIFE: Where I'm posting random things like...

Like I have almost spent my entire tax refund.  Crazy how I can get with some extra money.  But I did pay some bills so I was sort of responsible.  But I did things I don't get to do a lot like take my rental kids bowling to the tune of $50!  Dude, $5.50 a game per person and $4.00 for shoes per person.  JEEZ!  And I bought 2 pairs of tennis shoes, one fancy pair of Shox and a regular pair for the gym and volleyball.  I bought groceries and didn't have to worry about how much I was spending and it was nice. 

Like that since I'm (still) single, I am my own Valentine and I am getting a massage Saturday afternoon.  An hour and a half long massage and I cannot wait.  My back is super sore from all this volleyball I've been playing and all my gym time.  Also?  I deserve it.  Period.

Like the fact that we had record breaking snowfall in the Dallas area.  Over a foot in some places.  It literally snowed for more than 24 hours straight with no breaks.  It was breathtaking and it has beem stunning to see things around town.  And the best part?  The streets did not freeze.  At all.  But it has been lovely to have this snow.  See?

Well, that's about it.  I'm done being random.