Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LIFE: Where I am rambling & a little happy

So nothing too exciting has gone on lately. This week, I've sort of felt like taking a hostage or stomping puppies due the raging hormones surging throughout my body but I'm slowly feeling better. Slowly.

I miss J terribly. We mutally agreed to lessen the trips between our respective towns what with the price of gas being a million dollars a gallon and all and I am kind of hating it. So, to remedy that, I am headed his way on Saturday to go to work with him. So criminals beware, there will be two sets of eyes watching. Consider this your warning. It may cost me a fortune but if I don't do some kissin soon, I may lose my mind. So I'm happy about that. I get to see my boy.

Something else I'm happy about? My new favorite author and pretend BFF, Jen Lancaster, ( www.jennsylvania.com )will be in town for a booksigning in less than a month. All together now: SQUEEEEEEEE!! I need to find a strand of pearls to wear with my Faux-lo shirt, I say that because I? Can't afford a real Polo shirt. I also need to go to Sprinkles and buy her a cupcake.

Um, what else? Oh! I am taking a mini-vacay around Memorial Day weekend to spend 2 days tooling around the lovely town of Tyler, Texas with J. That weekend is the THE weekend. Where he meets my dad. (Again, EEK) At any rate, I figured it might be fun to do all sorts of coupley things beforehand. The Tyler Rose Garden, where I hope to get our first picture of us as a couple, the tiger refugee camp, nice dinners and maybe go see all the azaleas. Or perhaps we'll just hole up in the hotel and make out :)

That's about it for now.

Oh, P.S. - I guess I should clarify that I really have not nor do I actually plan to, take a hostage or stomp puppies. I'm hormonal, not maniacally insane :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

LIFE: Where I am NOT at the racetrack

I am a NASCAR fan. I watch it almost every weekend. I have been to several races out at Texas Motor Speedway. It is quite an experience and one I wish I was experiencing today.

You see, all of NASCAR's finest, GO JEFF GORDON, are at TMS this weekend, they have actually been out there all week, but sadly...I? Am not there. Race tickets have gotten quite expensive and they just were not in the budget this time. But man, I just went outside and it is a beautiful and glorious Texas spring day, perfect for the racetrack. Sunny, bright, temps is teetering between slightly cool and warm and so breezy that it becomes almost perfect weather. And again, I am not out there. Perhaps I will look into going in November and getting The Boy I Like to go with me.

For now? I may open some windows while I watch Sunday's Finest Sporting Event on TV and I will cheer and hope like mad that Jeff Gordon can get his first win at Texas. If he does, I'll be sad that I wasn't there to see it in person, but happy that he won all the same.