Friday, May 16, 2008

Life: Where I'm hostage-y & finally updating my blog

Thank you to my sister for that word. Is so my new favorite word!

Speaking of favorites, I met my new favorite author and new BFF on Wednesday night. The beautiful and even funner in person, Jen Lancaster (see ). She had a great turnout and I had a pretzel and cupcakes for dinner. (Shutup, like you have never had cupcakes for dinner, please.) I bought Jen a cupcake from a fancy schmancy bakery here in Dallas and I bought 3 for me and my sister and we shared them, so really? I only had a cupcake & a half, so there. Also, we are so new BFF's because she totally wrote it in my book. O-fficial.

What else has been going on?

J & I are going on a loooooong stretch of not seeing each other and it's kind of driving me crazy. So much so that I am even contemplating if it's even worth it. I know everything is more expensive, gas prices suck, he drives a gas guzzling truck, all that, but still. Doesn't make it easier that he took a 2nd job and wants to work all the time, he even put work ahead of 2 whole days with me and that? Did NOT make me happy. I want so badly for him to see that it will get better and that he can have some fun from time to time and that it doesn't always require money.

I'm all hostage-y because I'm a girl and we have days where we are not quite ourselves and also? Work has been sucky this week. I can't seem to get a grip and I feel like taking hostages or at the very least, throwing my pen down and walking out. Too many people coming at me once and it's too much. I need a vacation in the worst way. I am way burning out.

Other than that? It's all good. My new nephew Ian is the sweetest baby to ever draw breath and he absolutely has me and his parents wrapped around his widdle finger.