Monday, October 13, 2008

LIFE: Where I update and go random

So I am finally updating my blog. Not that a go-zillion people read it but still, a girl can dream, right?

So we are in the full swing of things with pee-wee drill. We have competition in a month and our practices are just going to get longer and harder. Oh joy. Have I mentioned that the girls are 4,5, & 6? It's like herding cats and the more tired they get, the worse they act. Homecoming is this weekend and we have a pep rally Friday night and then we go TP or "wrap" the football boys' houses. Oh yeah, we're having a slumber party that night too. I wonder if I can sneak in a beer or 5? At any rate, it'll be nuts but it'll be fun too. The girls are a hoot and make me laugh. And they are the cutest Minnie Mouses ever.

Also? My mystery neighbor above me on the 2nd floor is NOISY! I hate his guts. I hope he breaks an ankle.

On the boy front...nothing has really happened except that I asked D to go out to eat last week and he said yes but then had to cancel. But then we had a good Friday night. A big group of us were going to this bar after bowling and HE approached ME about riding together. I mean, he could have driven himself and he chose to park his car at my apartments and ride with me. So that's a good sign right? We hung out all night, literally, at C&S's apartment after we left the bar and we got told by B that we were a cute couple. Hopefully he sees it too and we'll become one because damn...I got it bad for this guy so far. There are so many positive signs but I don't know what his hold up is. I hope it's just him being afraid because he's still not working and he can't really "be the man", ya know? But I don't care about that, I mean I do, but he is more than what he does for a living. I'm telling you, WWW, it's one of those things that I know would be great if he would just hurry up and fall in love with me already :)

And? His birthday is tomorrow. I'm calling him and asking him to come over this week for Birthday Pancakes (he always orders pancakes when we hit IHOP at 3am) and maybe some Birthday Making Out? :)