Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LIFE: Where I want to meet an Olympian

So I follow Misty May-Treanor on Facebook.  You know who she is right?  Two-time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball?  She is made of awesome.  Anyway, she is having a clinic in San Antonio in October and normally, volleyball clinics are for younger folks but NOT THIS TIME.  There is one for adults.  That would be me!  Score!!  But now I need to come up with a spare $125 to pay for it.  $125 on top of paying for my part of the beach condo for our All Girls Beach Vacation, rent, other bills and the single girls groceries.  Not too easy.  Do they still pay for plasma? 

But seriously.  How freaking cool would it be to get tips and pointers from her?  An actual Olympian and one of the best female volleyball players EVER.  I'm not in a super competitive league, I just play in a co-ed church league but if I got to play with Misty May-Treanor?  You can bet I'd use that as a selling point to try and find a competitive team to play with!  I have GOT to think of something!  I need to do this.

TTYL, internets!