Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling a bit smug today

OK, a lot smug.  So you can call me Smuggy McSmuggerson.

I found out last night that a guy I sort of dated last year, the one that just got married a few weeks ago (see post below about "it happening again", married a crazy woman.  He knew if before he proposed and he really knows it now.  But that isn't what I am all smuggy about.  I am smuggy about the fact that he told my friend (and his ex-wife) that his "biggest mistake was not dating Melissa" and that he "could kick himself for not staying with me". 

Um, duh.  I could have told you that.

But alas, he was dumb and now the Good Ship Melissa-Pop has sailed.  And he missed out.

Sad too because, while our spark was more of a flicker to me, I could tell towards the end that if we had stayed the course that we were on, spending time together and talking and hanging out, that flicker might have lit up and turned into something more.  .

Oh well.  I wish him well and if it is Splitsville for him and his new bride, and it looks like it may go there sooner rather than later, I wish him an easy one.  He's a good guy and doesn't deserve the giant heaps of crazy she has served up.

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KimmyDarling said...

Sounds like you dodged a bullet, Smuggy! I think people who marry psycho people can't be quite right, themselves... ; )